When your dog is your life

An appreciation post for my beautiful boy, Oscar.


When you go through a bad time in life, there’s always someone or something you can count on to make you feel a bit better. For me it’s my teddy, Cody, who I’ve had since I was born and is the perfect snuggle partner, and my darling dog, Oscar.


At the ripe age of 14, Oscar is without a doubt the most beautiful and well-meaning dog I’ve ever known. Growing up with him, he has intuitively known when I’m down and need cuddles.


At the first sign of a tear, he’ll be in your face all paws and licking until you stop crying and laugh at his beautiful soul.


The bad stuff I’ve been through lately, and the fact that he is getting on, has made me realise just how much I have loved, appreciated and needed his support throughout life until this far and how bad it would’ve been if I’d had to get through all this without him by my side.


He is the absolute light of my life and I can’t begin to think about what will happen when he’s finally had enough.


Til soon, Em


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