Life in a playlist

For me, music has an incredible power to affect emotions. I have a very eclectic taste in music and I think this is because it affects my mood so much. If I’m feeling sad and a sad song comes on the radio it’s guaranteed to push me over the edge. When you’re getting ready to go out you put on an upbeat playlist to get you in the mood. Wishing you lived in another era? Let’s put on jazz or Sinatra. I also find when I’m feeling super emotional that I pay much more attention to the lyrics? (Maybe it’s to try and take comfort in someone else feeling the same way – yes, I know most people these days don’t write their own songs but someone must’ve, right?)

So for my next post I thought I’d put up my current “life” playlist and why I’m listening to each song:

  1. Hard out Here | Lily Allen – need I say anything more here??
  2. Make Them Wheels Roll | Safia – Love, love, LOVE Safia right now and this tune resonates…”put me back together…make them wheels roll”
  3. Notion | Tash Sultana – what a beautiful song! So mellow and calming, even though I sense a bit of pain in her lyrics – that’s why I like it.
  4. Fading | Vallis Alps – absolutely peaceful, calming and upbeat at the same time.
  5. Three Little Birds | Bob Marley & The Wailers – don’t worry about a thing, every little thing’s gonna be alright…
  6. Golden | Kingswood – this is actually the sexiest song ever!
  7. Something Good | alt-J – alllll the feels.
  8. Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson)| Clean Bandit – this one’s about wanting to be loved “will you hold me tight and not let go”
  9. Good Life | OneRepublic – hoping to catch a break, this one’s also pretty uplifting too if you need it.
  10. Waiting Game | Banks – mooooody! I’m in love with her voice and the feels from this song.
  11. River Flows In You | Yiruma – a bloody beautiful classic piano tune, I dare you to put this on and not feel anything…
  12. We Don’t Talk Anymore | Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez – I know, I know! But this is so relevant right now and I also find their voices relaxing.
  13. Dark Paradise | Lana Del Rey – another oldie but a goodie.
  14. So Tied Up | Cold War Kids – also in love with these guys right now and this is a catchy one!
  15. Oblivion | Bastille – rediscovered and liking!

Special mention: it wouldn’t be a playlist without Ed Sheeran! Perfect is the most beautiful song I’ve been listening to at the moment. I definitely want a love like that one day. If you’re feeling lonely this one is guaranteed to make you shed them tears…

Here’s a link to it on Spotify: 

Til soon, Em


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tess says:

    Put this on Spotify and link to it! ❤❤


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